At the end of the day, we all want to raise happy, secure, emotionally healthy children - but often finding the flow of joyful parenting can be challenging.

Let me help you to discover the joy in parenting.

parent coaching & counselling
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If parenting for you right now feels completely overwhelming, confusing, and every day is just hard - firstly, know that you are not alone. And secondly, that it doesn't have to be like this. Let's work together to unpack what's going on in your family right now. I can help you to better understand your child, and yourself, and develop the tools and strategies you need to bring joy back into your parenting journey and support an emotionally healthy and happy home.

the making of the mother
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The transition to motherhood is powerful and deeply meaningful. The 'making of the mother' involves individualised counselling where together we take a holistic deep dive to understand what a woman goes through as she transitions into and through motherhood. 

"Just as adolescence describes a teenagers passage into adulthood, matresence describes a woman’s transition into motherhood and all the psychological and physical change that comes with it – Dr Aurelie Athan"

women's circle

A safe space for like-minded mothers to come together to share the experience of matrescence - the physical and psychological transition a woman goes through as she becomes a mother. Find your calm, your confidence and connection in your motherhood journey through meditations and mindfulness, shared stories and support. This is an inclusive circle for all mothers.

parenting programs
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Circle of Security® Parenting™

Based on decades of research, the circle of security® parenting program supports parents to better understand their children, manage big emotions and challenging behaviours and develop healthy emotional regulation. 

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Bringing up Great Kids

Developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation, this program supports parents to better understand where their parenting style has come from, develop positive, nurturing relationships with their children, have respectful interactions and support healthy development.

NDIS Support
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I have worked as a Support Coordinator for several years and am passionate about supporting NDIS participants of all ages, along with their parents and carers, in navigating this complex space.

Level 2 Coordination of Supports (07_002_0106_8_3)
As a Support Coordinator I can help you to understand, implement and use your plan. I will also connect you with best fit providers to ensure you are able to meet your plan goals. A Support Coordinator should work with you to build your capacity to live as independently as possible.

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching (07_101_0106_6_3)

As a Recovery Coach I can help participants to build capacity and resilience to live a full and contributing life. I take a person-centred approach to Recovery Coaching to identify an individuals goals, plan outcomes and to connect participant's with best fit services.

Training for Carers/Parents (15_038_0117_1_3)

Or if you don't have Support Coordination funding, but need some help to understand yours or your child's NDIS plan - contact me for an individual consultation session.


this space is inclusive.